The Purple Heart, one of the world’s most distinctive and well-known military decorations, is also one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon soldiers of the United States of America. It’s requirement for award requires that a soldier suffer loss of life or limb in order to receive it and, as such, is one of the most respected decorations ever in the history of armed conflict.

The Patriot of Lake George places special regard to the Purple Heart in it’s military museum. It symbolizes true loss and sacrifice from the sons and daughters of the United States, and our collection is well-preserved and prototected- as befits such an honorable award.

History of the Purple Heart

The Purple Heart Medal was established as a decoration in 1932, when Douglas Macarthur was Army Chief of Staff. He felt a decoration to represent a soldier being
wounded in battle should be authorized. Until this point the only recognition a soldier had was a triangle shaped stripe worn on the lower sleeve of the uniform.

Macarthur put the word out that he wanted a “new” medal or decoration to represent men wounded in battle. A woman named Elizabeth Will, who worked at the
U.S. Mint, came up with the idea of the Purple Heart medal, as it is known today.

Incorporating the coat of arms of George Washington and using the Purple that
Washington originally used in 1782 when he awarded his own cloth version to members of the Continental Army, for heroism. The medal was created on the 150th anniversary of Washington’s awards. In 1782 at Newberg New York, Washington made the first awards.

The Museum Today

The Patriot of Lake George has one of the largest Collections of Purple Hearts displayed, with over fifty medals at any given visit. Due to the large number of these medals in the Museums Collection, the medals are rotated through the displays as space permits. The men represented by these medals are among our Nations bravest and most Heroic, with many making the Supreme Sacrifice to insure that Freedom will prosper and increase its blessings.

It seems appropriate and fitting that the Purple Heart medal and many of its recipients be remembered here in the Lake George area , a key location to early American History and the founding of America.

Historical and individual Medals

The Patriot is proud of its collection and will use this section to remember some of the individuals represented in the display. Stop by and check them out in person. each medal has its own unique story to tell.